ODESSA, FL–(Marketwired – Jul 21, 2015) – Dais Analytic Corporation (OTCQB: DLYT), a commercial nanotechnology materials business selling its industry-changing technology into the worldwide energy and water markets, announced today that the Company, through its business affiliate in China, has entered into a ten-year agreement with COFCO, a prominent Chinese investment holding company, to act as a solution designer and provider for COFCO’s hotel energy-saving project.

Dais (Beijing) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Dais’ Chinese business affiliate, has been engaged to perform a feasibility study on over 80 properties throughout China using an energy contract management model to determine applicable newer technology products, including Dais’ ConsERVâ„¢ technology, a commercially available engineered energy recovery ventilator for HVAC systems. The output of the review will be a chain — site by site — specific plan oriented to achieve a range of energy-related cost savings for COFCO, while driving product and on-going services revenue for Dais.

Dais’ Chinese business affiliate will identify and install a range of sustainable products including Dais’ ConsERVâ„¢ product which efficiently manages an HVAC system’s ventilation air temperature and moisture content by using the energy found in the outgoing ‘stale’ air stream to pre-condition the incoming fresh air. This process generally saves energy usage and costs, reduces CO2 emissions, and allows for heating and cooling equipment downsizing.

COFCO is China’s largest oil supplier, food manufacturer, and international trading company. It is China’s leading company in sectors spanning agricultural products, biomass energy, food processing, real estate, property, hotel management, and financial services. This partnership follows the 12th Five-Year Plan of energy-saving and emission reduction and initiatives led by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and other government bureaus.

“We are excited to support our China business affiliate entering into an arrangement with an organization like COFCO whose forward-thinking regarding sustainability aligns with Dais’ vision,” said Tim Tangredi, CEO of Dais Analytic. “We firmly believe every industry can and should do more towards making a significant impact on the use of our finite resources of air and water. There are many opportunities — like those to be found at COFCO — where we believe use of Dais’ family of products would reduce overall energy usage and emissions. Accomplishing this objective will maintain or improve productivity and comfort, while giving an organization like COFCO a much-deserved higher profile in the business community for its early recognition of taking this strategic step.”

About Dais Analytic Corporation

Dais Analytic Corporation (OTCQB: DLYT) is a nanotechnology business producing a versatile family of membrane materials — called Aqualyte — focusing on evolutionary or disruptive air, energy and water applications. The uses include:

  • ConsERVâ„¢, a commercially available engineered energy recovery ventilator (an HVAC product) useful for efficient management of ventilation air’s temperature and moisture content using the energy found in the outgoing ‘stale’ air stream to pre-condition the incoming fresh air often saving energy, CO2, and allowing for equipment downsizing;
  • NanoClearâ„¢, an early beta-stage method for treating contaminated water (notably most all forms of industrial waste), to provide pure drinking water;
  • NanoAirâ„¢, an early beta-stage water-based, no fluorocarbon producing refrigerant cooling cycle useful to replace the existing gas based compression cooling cycle in most all forms of air-conditioning and refrigeration saving a projected 50% in energy and CO2;
  • NanoCAPâ„¢, a prototype stage use of the Aqualyteâ„¢ family has shown itself to be a disruptive non-chemical energy-storage device which when completed will be useful in extending the value in renewable energy installations, transportation, consumer product uses, and ‘smart grid’ configurations.

Each use demonstrates the diversity of Dais’ core product — Aqualyteâ„¢ — the family of nano-structured polymers and engineered processes having a focus on minimizing consumption of irreplaceable natural resources, and ending the degradation of our environment. To find out more about Dais please visithttps://daisanalytic.com, www.daischina.com, and to learn more about ConsERVâ„¢ please visit www.conserv.com.

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