Available Product Samples

Item Price Picture

NanoFresh Fresh Food Preservation container:

For use with a variety of fresh foods such as vegetables, fruits, etc. Sample size

$30 per container.

NanoShield Anti-microbial Disinfectant and Pathogen (Corona family) Destroyer:

In 10-ounce (295 ml) spray bottle.

$20 per 10-ounce (295 ml) bottle.

Aqualyte Advanced Nanomaterial Resin:

Samples size is 0.5 lbs. (.227 kg).

NOTE: The user will need to possess the ability to re-dissolve Resin into a solution form for most uses.

$50 per 0.5 lbs. (.227 kg)

AqualyteAdvanced Nanomaterial Composite Membrane:

Polymer coated substrate. Sample size is two (2) square meters.

$25 per sample size.

Note: Samples are provided under the terms and conditions of a Non-Disclosure Agreement between Dais and the company seeking the sample.