The NanoClear process brings clean, affordable water to a world with limited and diminishing fresh water supplies. Meanwhile, the world’s ever-growing population has a strong thirst for clean water. NanoClear offers an affordable, effective solution to this global problem of increasing water demand and diminishing supply. Using the Dais nanotechnology polymer, NanoClear purifies water at the molecular level. This method allows only water molecules to pass through, delivering the cleanest water possible. Because of this new approach, NanoClear can inexpensively treat salt, brackish and wastewater.

NanoClear technology addresses key water industry issues that have beset Reverse Osmosis, the leading method of water cleanup today. Membrane fouling, high costs (CAPEX and OPEX), effluent disposal, and removal of toxic elements are all common problems for Reverse Osmosis. However, due to Dais’ revolutionary membrane, NanoClear faces none of these issues.

NanoClear Demonstration System


NanoClear is in the prototype stage, advancing toward a pilot plant. Based on testing of the materials to date, the NanoClear process offers significant capital and operational costs savings of up to 50% versus Reverse Osmosis with similar output efficiencies.

NanoClear is proven, using the same materials and capabilities commercially deployed in ConsERV. A fully functional 5-gallon per hour tabletop prototype is operational, scaling up to a 50-gallon per hour unit and a 100,000-gallon per day pilot. As the scale and pilot process grows, we will continue working with current and new clients around the globe.

The recent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ruling (January, 2010) requiring all municipalities reduce discharge from run-off and wastewater plants to “parts per billion” cleanliness creates a new, strong market driver for this application. We have confirmed through independent tests that NanoClear definitively cleans to the new U.S. EPA standards.

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