NanoCap is a revolutionary energy storage application. The NanoCap ultracapacitor stores energy by functioning both like a battery and a capacitor. NanoCap has the potential to offer game-changing advances, ranging from power grids to consumer electronics and transportation.

Dependency upon chemical energy is leading us on a path of environmental jeopardy, economic hardships and global conflict. To date, no other source of energy with the equivalent energy density and power delivery has been developed to reduce this dependency.

NanoCap functions differently than a battery because it stores an electrical charge, not chemical energy. Preliminary tests indicate that NanoCap has three times the storage power of today’s best Lithium Ion batteries, exhibiting a staggering storage potential equivalent to the energy density of gasoline.

Successful commercialization of NanoCap dramatically improves our ability to use electrical power efficiently and cleanly, a goal that drives our daily efforts here at Dais.