The first commercial application to use our nanotechnology product is a fixed-plate Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). ConsERV can be added on to traditional Heating & Cooling units to vastly improve efficiency. ConsERV has been honored with 4 industry awards.

ConsERV is the best fixed-plate ERV on the market worldwide, as validated by third-party rating agencies. Our product raises the amount of indoor fresh air to meet ventilation building codes while saving up to 30% of energy costs, offering the potential to reduce the size of heating and cooling equipment by 1/3rd, while also reducing harmful CO2 emissions by 1.95lbs per hour per ton of use avoided for the heating and cooling equipment.

ConsERV_boxThis application was chosen to be our first because it demonstrates the material’s functionality. The material rapidly transfers heat and moisture from the incoming air stream to the outgoing air stream with no air stream leakage.

Simplicity coupled with high efficiency makes ConsERV attractive to engineers and architects who prefer ConsERV over older product types that have moving parts and require greater maintenance.

The market for the ConsERV application is $1.4 billion in North America and is estimated to be over $3 billion worldwide.

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